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Latin American Children Seek Happiness in the United States

11/27/2015 - 18:06

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, a record number of children under 17 yo without parents (almost 5 th.) were detained in October at the US border with Mexico when trying to illegally cross it. The unfavorable situation in the Caribbean and quite mild US policy towards illegal migrants are greatly contributing to this.

This is almost two times more than the same period last year, when 2519 children tried to illegally enter the United States. The number is a record for October 2009, when statistic services began to gather data. Other nearly 3 thousand children were detained during the first half of November, which is also a record. Many children go to the border in the full confidence that if they have at least some relatives in the US, then they have a right to live there, too.  

Number of families from the Caribbean, who were trying to illegally cross the US border, increased further. For example, there was 2162 of them last October. 6029 people were registered this year, that is almost three times as much, and also a record figure for October. In total for October, about 25 th. Illegal immigrants was delayed on the US southern border.

Typically, illegal migration across the border with Mexico reaches its peak in spring; summer stream slightly decreases, and almost stops in winter. However, there is something unprecedented occurred this time. About 10 th. children without parents were arrested on the border with Mexico for the whole of last year. Now, almost half that number was registered only in October. This is partly explained by the extremely unfavorable situation of the southern neighbors of the United States - Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. For example, last month, the largest number of children and families making their way into the United States came from El Salvador. As a daily average, 18 people became victims of war gangs this year. In order to live in peace, people of these countries are ready to commit unsafe journey through several countries to get to Mexico. There, they pay smugglers up to $ 10 th. for crossing the US border, and then try to get lost in the American heartland. Cubans make their way through Mexico to the US too. US law gives citizens of Cuba arriving in the United States by land right for legal residence. So the Cubans are to Ecuador flying first, where they do not need a visa and then illegally sneak through Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

As the number of US politicians and experts note, very soft US policy toward illegal immigrants encourages them in their quest for a better life. According to the subcommittee on immigration to the US Senate Stephen Miller, immigrants are sensitive to all potential solutions of the US government on this issue: "These are serious factors of attraction. The surge comes at the time when the federal government continues to let in by visas more than 1 million permanent workers and 700 th. temporary migrants every year." Member of the House of Representatives, Republican from California, Duncan Hunter expressed himself even more emphatically: "The greatest existential threat to our people at the moment is open borders policy of the current administration. It is not about immigration, but that the president and the National Security Service hold open corridors accessible to all in the world on the southern border. We are able to protect our country from another country’s navy, against missile threats, and can even repel the invasion of another army. However, the president’s policy of letting everyone in…is a serious threat. "