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Japan to launch experiment to receive and transmit solar energy from Earth orbit from 2025

06/01/2023 - 11:03

An experiment to collect and transmit solar energy from space to Earth will be carried out in 2025 by the Japanese space agency JAXA and the Japanese government, writes Nikkei. Japan will be the first nation to master the technology if it is successful.

Kyoto University Professor Naoki Shinohara, who has been working on the technology since 2009, is in charge of the project. The plan is to use tiny satellites orbiting the Earth to capture solar energy.

The satellites will send microwaves made of the stored energy to ground-based receiving stations. Theoretically, this would allow for the continuous receipt of solar energy regardless of the weather because clouds do not block microwaves from reaching the Earth's surface.

Technology to transport solar energy from Earth's orbit is also being developed in China (Chongqing University) and the United States (Air Force Research Laboratory and California Institute of Technology). European Space Agency representatives also discussed their plans to develop a method for getting solar energy from orbit.