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Japan suspends flights of some Boeing 777s

02/23/2021 - 04:21

Japan temporarily banned Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney PW 4000 engines as the engine of such a United Airlines aircraft in the US caught fire during flight. Its trim fell on residential areas of Colorado. United Airlines recalled 24 Boeing 777s from service.

BriYYZ via flickr
BriYYZ via flickr
Flights of this type of aircraft have been banned in Japan by the Ministry of Public Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, NHK reported. 

Japan has notified All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, which have 19 and 13 such airliners respectively, of the ban. The agency intends to gather information on the incident in cooperation with the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA has requested inspections of Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines, and United Airlines has announced voluntary suspension of 24 Boeing 777s. It is noted that this is a temporary precautionary measure.

On 21 February, a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an engine failure. During the flight, it caught fire. Large parts of the trim broke off and fell to the ground, including onto the yard of an apartment building. No one was injured as a result of the incident.