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Iran curbs down accumulation of highly enriched uranium

11/16/2023 - 08:20

Iran's stockpile of highly enriched uranium has slowed down, according to Bloomberg’s report that quoted IAEA inspectors.

Blondinrikard Fröberg
Blondinrikard Fröberg
"They told diplomats on Wednesday that Iran's stockpile of highly enriched uranium has increased by 5 percent since September, compared with a 7 percent increase in the previous quarter," according to Bloomberg.

"IAEA inspectors found that since September, Iran's stockpile of uranium enriched to 60% has increased to 128.3 kilograms from 121.6 kilograms. Fuel stocks with 20 percent enrichment increased from 535.8 kg to 567.1 kg," according to the agency, which referenced the report of the IAEA inspectors.

The Iranian authorities' decision to dismantle some surveillance equipment had a significant impact on the monitoring process, the IAEA reaffirmed at the same time.

A portion of a letter that Iran's Atomic Energy Organization chief, Mohammad Eslami, received on Wednesday and shared with the IAEA described the inspectors' requests as "inconclusive" and devoid of "any legal basis."

According to Bloomberg, Iran started enriching uranium to 60% in response to sabotage at the nuclear center in Natanz in 2021.