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Google to change advertising rules after fine in France

06/08/2021 - 04:31

US company Google will make changes to the handling of advertising technology on its platform as part of its commitments to France's antitrust regulator, according to a press release from the company.

TopRank Marketing via flickr
TopRank Marketing via flickr
Earlier on Monday, the French antitrust regulator fined Google €220 million for promoting its own services in the online advertising sector.

The company notes that it will work to create a solution that guarantees equal access to data related to advertising space auctions held through the Google Ad Exchange. In particular, Google will provide information on the minimum winning bid from the last auction.

In addition, Google Ad Manager will now allow it to set its own ad prices for "sensitive interest categories", as well as making changes to its existing ad product that will allow Ad Manager and third-party servers to work together better. The company also confirms that it will not restrict its users from negotiating prices and special terms with other platforms.

Google is part of Alphabet's holding company, which also includes Android, Google Life Sciences, YouTube, Calico, Nest, Sidewalk Labs, Google Ventures, Google X and Google Capital. The number of employees exceeds 103,000.


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