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Germany introduces strict lockdown until January 10

12/14/2020 - 03:50

Germany will close non-grocery stores and service businesses from December 16 to January 10. The country is tightening quarantine, which has already been in effect in the country for more than a month, to cope with the rise in the incidence of coronavirus.

The German government, in agreement with the federal states, will tighten quarantine from December 16 due to coronavirus. This follows from the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.

All measures and restrictions that are in force now are extended until January 10, 2021. Until the same day, all retail trade and services are prohibited. An exception was made, including for grocery stores and supermarkets, drinks and health food stores, goods for children or for animals, optical stores and other medical goods, gas stations, banks, post offices, dry cleaners and laundries. Christmas fairs will continue to work. Hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlors and tattoo parlors will be temporarily closed.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are prohibited from serving visitors inside the establishment, but takeaway and delivery are allowed. Schools will mostly be closed. Parents were asked to leave their children at home if possible. The government has asked employers to transfer employees to telecommuting.

Separately, the government has prescribed rules for meeting family and friends at Christmas. It is recommended that people meet with members of a maximum of one household outside their own household and no more than five people at a time. Mass gatherings are prohibited on New Year's Eve and January 1. Fireworks are not allowed in public places. The sale of pyrotechnics was limited. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places.

The government noted that the number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased significantly since the beginning of winter. Hospitals and especially intensive care units are under heavy workload due to the high number of COVID-19 patients. By December 13, 20,200 new cases of infection were recorded in the country, about 331,000 people are sick with coronavirus now. During the day, 321 deaths were registered, a total of 21 787.

Germany brought back significant restrictions at the federal level in early November. They turned out to be the toughest since spring, when there was the first wave of coronavirus. Then bars and restaurants were allowed to work only with takeaway and delivery, hotels were forbidden to receive tourists, cinemas and fitness clubs were closed.