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En + calls on aluminum producers to disclose emission figures

09/23/2019 - 12:25

En + Executive Board Chairman Greg Barker has called on the London Metal Exchange (LME) to oblige aluminum producers who use the site to sell metal to disclose their carbon footprint.
“As a first step towards significant emission reductions, every company in the sector should be much more transparent in disclosing carbon emissions from aluminum production,” Lord Barker, formerly UK Energy Secretary, wrote in the Financial Times ahead of the UN summit on climate change measures.

According to Barker, carbon dioxide atmosphere emissions from the production of one ton of aluminum may reach 22 tons. At the same time, En + lowered this indicator to 4 tons due to the use of electricity received from hydroelectric power plants.

The UN has made the aluminum industry one of seven economic sectors in which the issue of emission reduction is especially acute.

“We admit that we have not yet been able to reach a global consensus on environmental friendliness in the aluminum sector, but we are committed to providing the necessary support to advance this important issue,” the LME statement said.


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