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Communication cables between Europe, Asia and Africa are cut in the Red Sea

03/06/2024 - 06:04

Four of the twelve and a half submarine communications cables that link Europe, Asia, and Africa were severed I the Red Sea, according to Hong Kong-based HGC Global Communications Limited.

Jonathan Khoo
Jonathan Khoo
The links under question, which according to HGC account for 25% of traffic in the region, are Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1), Europe India Gateway, Seacom, and TGN. The impacted routes are crucial for data transfer from Asia to Europe, the corporation notes.

Some data services were down, however HGC had previously begun rerouting traffic flows across other lines when possible in anticipation of similar situations based on past experience.

An HGC spokeswoman told the AP news agency, "First analysis revealed that the damaged cable segments are located in the southern Red Sea, falling under Yemen's jurisdiction." The corporation did not say how exactly they were damaged or by whom.

An organization connected to Seacom-TGN-Gulf, Tata Communications, informed the AP that it has "initiated immediate and necessary measures to rectify the problems." Other businesses connected to the broken wires refrained from providing the agency with comments on the matter.