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Clinton supported by Obama gets ahead of Trump

06/10/2016 - 14:14

Contender for the US presidency from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton has received strong support in the person of President Barack Obama speaking out for her publicly for the first time. According to him, Mrs. Clinton " have the courage, she has compassion and heart to do this work" of the state’s head. Meanwhile, it is already clear that the final race will be tight. In any case, the difference in ratings of Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, does not go beyond the statistical error.

Doc via flickr
Doc via flickr
A survey conducted by broadcaster Fox News shows that Hillary Clinton has the support of 42% of Americans, while Donald Trump - 39%. Thus, the difference lies within the statistical error. At the same time, though the voters decided on their preferences, many of them are not happy with the applicants. Only 51% of Mr. Trump’s supporters said that they are "happy" to vote for him, while 48% are willing to do so reluctantly. The ratio among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters is 60% to 37%, respectively.

Before, Mrs. Clinton, who along with Bernie Sanders is one of two candidates for the presidency from the Democratic Party, has received strong support from the White House. President Barack Obama issued a statement in which he called the ex-Secretary of State "the de facto presidential candidate of the Democratic Party." "I know how hard this work is. That is why I am confident that she will succeed. I do not think there ever has been someone more qualified for this position,"- Barack Obama said, adding that Hillary Clinton "have the courage, she has compassion and heart to do this work. " Head of the White House rejected an idea that the current election campaign disunited the Democratic Party more than it was before.

The video was released shortly after Barack Obama’s meeting with Bernie Sanders. The Democrat has no chance to be nominated, yet he is not going to stop the campaign. "Of course, I will participate in the primaries in the District of Columbia, which will be held next Tuesday", - assured Mr. Sanders. However, he noted that "spoke briefly on Tuesday night" with Mrs. Clinton. In the near future, he intends to discuss with her ways of working together to "defeat Donald Trump and to create a government that would represent all (USA citizens) and not only 1% (mostly reach)."

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton thanked Obama for his support. "It is an absolute pleasure and honor that over the years, President Obama and I became real friends," - she said to Reuters. Donald Trump, in turn, wrote in Twitter: «Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!". "Delete your account", - his rival responded on Twitter. This message of Mrs. Clinton caused the biggest stir on the Internet (based on the number of likes and repost) for the time of her entire election campaign.