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Barbara Sher's Wishcraft

05/20/2015 - 17:20

She single-handedly raised two children. A lot of work and struggle to make ends meet. But almost 45 years was time to start something new, even if it looks a little late – she wrote her first book, "How to get what you really want", which became a bestseller and made her one of the top motivational speakers of the world. Barbara Sher has helped find their destination to a million people. Today, we have 10 quotes about life and labor of love by Barbara Sher from her book, " I could do anything if only I knew what it was", which tells about how to understand what you really want.
- You will be never satisfied with that you really do not want - no matter how much it was. If you want an ice cream, twenty chocolates - you are not satisfied. But one serving of ice cream - no doubt! The soul, as well as taste buds, will not accept substitutes. We must give it what you want, or it will not leave you in peace.

- You see, our families love us as much as they can. But they have been taught not to listen to children but educate. And if we do not listen to relatives, they are unlikely to know about our dreams, nothing to say about respect. Only dreams make us who we are.

- The obligation to do something difficult distracts your attention from you and quietly raises self-esteem.
The rules are simple: every day for half an hour do anything, until you start to deliver good results. No matter what: cook omelets, train until the belly is flat, or learn to juggle. But do it every day and try to succeed. Repeat the same thing again and again, and again, until you notice results.

- Feelings do not kill you, but the suppression - can.

- Parents have their own dreams, and they focus on their desires, and not on your own. They have formed the image of successful sons and daughters, wealthy and beautiful - children to be proud of in front of others. Very few parents are available for the luxury of peace of mind, which helps to realize that the most sensible thing for a child - to find your way and follow it. And where is this list of unique setting to realize your potential? Who insisted that you were looking for their own, original "I", no matter what the cost?

- Every time you need to make a choice, think: "Will this bring me to my dream, or take away from it?" Always choose what brings the desired.

- People who are afraid of commitment, do not reach the result. While this makes them very unhappy, they are afraid that by taking a specific business, they will not be able to refuse it. And so always remain outside the sphere which could bring them satisfaction.

- Sometimes people think: "I'm starting to feel guilty when doing things I love, and I feel that I must do something for others." Sometimes people who have grown up in unhappy families, do not allow yourself the pleasure to dive into their favorite activity. They not only feel shame for their pleasure - because the mother or father suffered all the time - they really feel that they facilitate cargo unhappiness bereaving themselves.

- Your interests is a reliable indicator of talent. There is no possibility to find out everything that you are talented in, yet you are not faced with this. But if you respect your own curiosity, you will discover new talents in any job.

- Violence usually comes from people who suppress their feelings and at some point can no longer control myself. If they are deemed acceptable to shout or cry, they would not have anything to break.

based on 'I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was. How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It' by Barbara Sher