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Apple's to release iPhone 15 with USB-C connector

09/04/2023 - 11:29

According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone 15 and AirPods Pro headphones, which Apple will introduce on September 12, will have a USB-C connector in place of a Lightning connector.
Bloomberg learned that the next iPhone 15s, which Apple will introduce on September 12, will use a USB-C charging port rather than Lightning. Additionally, the AirPods Pro headphones will have a USB-C port.

The European Union's rules, which force manufacturers of mobile devices to migrate to the USB-C standard by the end of next year, had an impact on Apple's plans to use the Lightning connector in its handsets for a number of more years.

Apple will tout the switch to USB-C as a huge boost even though the corporation has long fought it, according to Bloomberg. The new connector, customers will be informed, will enable quicker data transmission rates and, in some situations, faster device charging.