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Amazon drops plans to require employees to work three days in offices

10/12/2021 - 07:48

Amazon has scrapped plans to require its workers to work three days a week in the office when they return. Team managers will now be able to determine the number of days they work in the office and remotely.

Thomas photography
Thomas photography
Amazon will give its employees more opportunities to work from home even after the company's offices resume operations next year. Individual team managers will determine how often employees need to work in the office, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said on Monday, 11 October.

His message to employees is published on the company's website. In particular, it says that "instead of specifying that people work in the office three days a week, we will leave that decision to individual teams."  Jassy explained that such decisions would be "made by team after team at director level". 

Amazon declined to say how many people the company employs at director level, CNBC reports.  The company has 1.3 million employees worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of them in corporate roles. Amazon's previous return-to-work plans specified that employees would return to workplaces starting on January 3, 2022. It set a baseline of three days a week in the office, with two days available for employees to work remotely.


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