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Adobe launches Document Cloud service

03/17/2015 - 08:19

Adobe launches Document Cloud service
US-based software company Adobe has launched a new cloud-based service designed to help consumers and businesses manage, share, edit and work with digital documents more easily. The company has also unveiled mobile apps which could ease up how consumers and business store their data and eliminate paperwork.
Adobe senior vice president and general manager of document services at Adobe Kevin Lynch said, "This is not about digitizing paper. It's about getting work done. Asking customers to print out, sign and fax back a document is just archaic."

Adobe's new mobile app will allow consumers to scan, fill out and sign paper forms without printing it on paper. Though the technology to allow consumers to provide e-signature and cloud-based document storage services are part of our lives, legal and other services still depend on literal paperwork even now. The company has joined hands with its new Adobe Document Cloud service after its other Internet-based services for Creative and Marketing applications.

The cloud- based service will keep track of revisions across platforms providing a seamless way of accessing and editing data. Adobe cloud will also have built-in support for electronic signatures with users storing their e-signatures for quick fill-in whenever the need arises. The service can also keep track of where documents are in the signing process and what signatures are still outstanding.

Scanning paper documents and then editing them as if they were digital ones is also another feature in the new cloud service. The technology will not only recognize text on the page, it can recognize and duplicate the font that was used if a photograph of the printed text is taken and loaded into the system.

Document Cloud and Adobe’s mobile apps including a new PDF Reader will be launched within the next month. The company believes that its edge as the creator of PDF documents will give its cloud system credibility over other such services provided by competitors including Google and Dropbox.