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6 tips for an executive to make the company calm

12/03/2021 - 02:24

Business is not only a dream come true, independence and development, but also a source of stress. You have to achieve goals, fulfil plans, fight for your staff, conquer the world. Nervous tension is transmitted from managers to employees, from one colleague to another and on to customers. Is there any other way?

A company is not a family

Many companies like to say that their staff is like a family. In reality, this means that an employee has to be prepared to make sacrifices on the corporate "family". For example, working without days off or without holidays. This is not fair.

Colleagues do not have to pretend to be relatives in order to be polite to each other or to help each other out. It is more appropriate to express your appreciation with principles, corporate policies and, most importantly, deeds.

An open-space office can be turned into a library

In an open space, it is impossible to have privacy, there are many reasons to be distracted, some people talk loudly and heatedly on the phone, others are unable to concentrate. Separate offices are a good solution. But if you want to keep an open space, just give up the thinking associated with it. Turn your office into a library. The first thing you notice here is silence.

If an employee is sitting at a desk, it's assumed that he or she has their head in the game. It's best not to distract him. In general, you should speak in a whisper so as not to disturb anyone. There are meeting rooms for urgent calls and joint projects.

Don't set goals

Goals are a sham, almost always far-fetched figures for the sake of the figures themselves. They serve as a source of unnecessary stress until they are reached or cancelled. After that, the company chooses new ones and gets stressed again. The race does not end with quarterly achievements. There are four quarters in a year. Ten years is 40 quarters. And in each one you have to create and exceed expectations. The solution is to try to do a better job every day.

Plan for six weeks

It is possible to run a business without a plan: a five-year plan, a three-year plan or even an annual plan. Look at what's in front of you and don't fantasise years in advance. Many people neglect just short-term planning. Try to set a direction for the way forward about every six weeks. As part of this planning, you can make course corrections and stop unsuccessful projects in time.

Stay in your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is important for peace of mind. And getting to the next level does not necessarily require an incredible breakthrough. Often, it is not the breakthrough that brings the greatest victory, but rather the opposite, diving, going deep, waiting in a secluded place. Mastery is most often in depth, not breadth. Sometimes, on the threshold of a breakthrough, the last few steps can bring temporary discomfort and can be enduring. But this is the exception, not the rule.

Business is not war

In the business world, it is customary to fight to win, to strive for dominance and to crush the competition. How else could it be? The opposite of conquest is participation. Being one of the many choices in the marketplace means really giving consumers a choice. Once you agree with this statement, it's easy to say goodbye to 'army' metaphors and endless race.

Based on ‘It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work’ by Fried Jason and Heinemeier Hansson David