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10 most expensive hurricanes in the US history

09/07/2017 - 15:33

Hurricanes and storms are among the most destructive and costliest natural disasters in the United States. In recent years, the total amount of damage from hurricanes exceeded $ 350 billion.

U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy
All this amount does not yet include damage from Hurricane Harvey, which, according to preliminary estimates, can cost America $ 180 billion, or Hurricane Irma of the fifth category 5, the damage from which can range from $ 125 billion to $ 250 billion. Once the damage from these destructive natural phenomena will be confirmed, they will become leaders among the costliest hurricanes in US history.

10th place: Hurricane Francis (2004)

The damage from Hurricane Francis is estimated at about $ 9.5 billion in the US. At that time, it was the third most expensive hurricane in the United States. This included a $ 100 million damage to the facilities at Cape Canaveral. 

When the hurricane crept up to the Appalachian Mountains, a heavy rain swept through Florida to New York State. The flood was the most severe weather event in southern Appalachia, as well as in the southeast of Georgia and northern Florida. In addition, Francis gave birth to 103 tornadoes in 6 states in 4 days.

9th place: Hurricane Rita (2005)

Hurricane Rita hit the Texas and Louisiana border as a Category 3 hurricane. The damage amounted to $ 12 billion.

Strong wind, storm and floods were noted in the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas.

Rita went to the east, having mercy upon Houston and Galveston. The direct blow struck Louisiana and the Beaumont-Port-Arthur areas. The cities of Holly Beach, Cameron, Creole and Grande-Schenger were destroyed.

The storm also flooded many parts of Lake Charles, La and Port Arthur, Texas.

8th place: Hurricane Charley (2004)

Hurricane Charley of the 4th category struck the south-west coast of Florida.

Damage was disastrous in Charlotte, Florida. Gusts of wind reaching 105 miles per hour were recorded in the depths of the country, in places such as Orlando, Florida. The total damage from the hurricane amounted to $ 15.1 billion, making it the second most expensive hurricane at the time.

However, it is now on the 8th place on this list.

7th place: Hurricane Irene (2011)

This hurricane became a combination of strong winds and floods that went from the eastern part of North Carolina to the northeast of the United States.

The flood was disastrous for some areas in the northeast. The total damage from Hurricane Irene in 2011 amounted to $ 15.8 billion.

6th place: Hurricane Ivan (2004)

A little more than a month after Hurricane Charley, which ravaged Central Florida in 2004, Hurricane Ivan walked near the border of South Alabama and West Florida.

After that, Georgia to Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey were flooded.

Also, this hurricane spawned a large number of tornadoes. The ultimate damage was $ 118 billion - a record for most tornadoes caused by a tropical storm or hurricane.

5th place: Hurricane Wilma (2005)

Hurricane Wilma took the 5th place in the series of hurricanes that came along the Gulf Coast in 2005, but this does not mean that its damage is lower than the damage from the rest of the hurricanes.

In fact, it became the second most expensive hurricane in 2005 and the fifth largest total damage in history after striking southern Florida with devastating winds and floods in late October.

According to the National Hurricane Center report, Wilma resulted in the greatest destruction of electrical equipment that has ever been noted in Florida. The total damage from this hurricane amounted to $ 21 billion.

4th place: Hurricane Andrew (1992)

Andrew was a small hurricane, but with strong winds.

Rated as a Category 5 hurricane, it walked along the coast of southeast Florida, then along the coast in South Louisiana, but already as a Category 3 hurricane.

Strong winds led to catastrophic damage in South Florida, destroying or damaging some 125,000 homes. The damage from Andrew was $ 26.5 billion, mainly in Deide, Florida.

At that time, it was the costliest disaster in US history.

3rd place: Hurricane Ike (2008)

Ike was a hurricane of only category 2, passing along the coast of Texas, and yet it became the third most expensive hurricane because of its scale.

A huge devastating storm passed along the coast of Texas and Louisiana. Local houses were completely erased from the earth in Port Bolivar. The stormy wind hit the areas in the north and the east, part of Ike went through some areas of Arkansas, northwestern Tennessee, southern Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The total damage amounted to $ 29.5 billion.

2nd place: Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Just like Ike in 2008, Sandy was another huge hurricane with very strong winds.

A huge devastating storm wind passed along the coast of New Jersey and New York.

In total, 650 thousand houses were damaged or destroyed, mainly because of the storm wind and huge waves. About 8.5 million people in the north-east were left without electricity, some of them remained without electricity for several weeks.

Total damage from the hurricane amounted to $ 65 billion.

1st place: Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Katrina is the most expensive hurricane in history, in addition, it is the most costly natural disaster in US history: the total damage amounted to $ 108 billion.

Katrina first struck the south of Florida as a Category 1 hurricane near Miami. Strong winds from 85 to 95 mph along with heavy rains and floods caused considerable damage.

After South Florida, Katrina moved to category 5 in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the fact that Katrina weakened to category 3, reaching the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, its huge size and extreme intensity triggered a huge storm on the coast of Mississippi, Alabama and on the southeast coast of Louisiana.

The waves created catastrophic destruction along the coast of the Mississippi and brought down the dams protecting New Orleans. This led to a flood of 80% of New Orleans. Then inside the country, strong winds and floods affected parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Georgia.

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